WANG Shu-Hui Biography
Mr. Wang Shu-Hui was born in 1977 in the Province of Shandong, China. In 2001, he graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute in Guangzhou Jingdezhen, China where fine China (ceramics) are Guangzhou and he is specialized and engaged in the art creation of Ceramics. In 2001, he founded the Shanghai Tree Ceramics Art Workshop in Shanghai where he currently lives and where he creates his works and has found his name in the art of ceramic and where he lives. Master Wang’s art works have been collected by collectors from around the world including Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, US, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries as well as from the Greater China including Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Exhibition and Achievement Highlights: 2016

  • Art Exhibition of Shanghai School Taste series
  • Iconic Shanghai  “When art meets Hudec”  at Shanghai Urbar Planning Exhibition Center in China
  • “DAILY LIFE” – Retrospective Exhibition of Wang Shu-Hui and Wang Xiao-Juan’s Ceramics Art Creation
  • “Meaning of Porcelain Inclusive Shanghainese Style” at Shanghai Urbar Planning Exhibition Center in China


  • Contemporary Art Exhibition of Earth April Day “DRESSAGE” at Shanghai Shangri-La Art Gallery, China


  • “MADE IN CHINA” at Royal Lance Museum of France
  • CHINA: The 1st Contemporary Ceramics Alchemy at AMNUA


  • Winner of China’s Top Ten Collections of Artistic Ceramics


  • Gold Prize of Guangzhou Ceramic Biennale Exhibition
  • Gold Prize in the Tenth Exquisite Arts Exhibition of China Arts and Crafts Master and Outstanding Works Selection of China Arts and Crafts at Shanghai International Arts Festival


  • “MONEY RECEIVING BOY SCOUTS” – Creation Award of Shanghai World Expo. Arts
  • The Seventh China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artists Biennale Exhibition at Zhejiang Art Museum in Hangzhou, China
  • Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition at MOCA Shanghai, China


  • “OPEN EXPRESSION”Shanghai Exhibition of Young Artist in Shanghai, China


  • Shanghai International Ceramic Artists Invitational Exhibition in Shanghai, China
  • Taiwan Rui Fuao Gallery Exhibition in Taiwan
  • Adelaide Gallery Group Exhibition in Paris, France


  • “CHINA WALL – Lotus Art” at the 2nd China Contemporary Exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Contemporary International Exhibition at Jingdezhen Exhibition in China


  • Shanghai Spring Art Salon in Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai Art Expo in Shanghai, China
  • The Eighth China Ceramic Art Exhibition of Innovative Design Competitions in Yixing, China
  • Shanghai Young and Middle-aged Artists Recommendation Exhibition in Shanghai, China


  • Shanghai International Sculpture Biennale Exhibition in Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai International Creative Week in Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai Folk Art in Shanghai, China


  • Solo Exhibition of Visual Ceramics in Shanghai, China
  • “NATURE: Group Exhibition of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire & Earth” in Shanghai, China