Setting up your Luxeliving email account under gmail for sending and receiving emails

Nice to connect here. The setup instructions are below. Here are screenshots of how to set up your Luxeliving email to send and receive emails in your gmail account. You will need to be on a desktop computer to input the settings.

Setting up on Gmail to send and receive emails:

Image No. 1
Go into the Settings under the wheel icon.

Image No. 2
Under the Accounts & Import Tab, go to the section Check Mail from other account

Image No. 3
Input your mail account address:

Image No. 4
Click onto Input emails from my other account (POP3)

Image No. 5
Your Password: yourpassword
POP Server:
Port for incoming email: 110
I checked off Label incoming messages so that it is easier to located messages sent to this email address.

Image No. 6
Click Yes for sending mail

Image No. 7
‘Treat as alias’ should be not be ticked.

Image No. 8
Port should be set to 465
Secured connection using SSL

Image No. 9
Verification of your email with gmail.

Image No. 10
You should be receiving an email from gmail for verification. Wait a moment and check.

Image No. 11
If all goes well, you’ll get an email sent to you on your gmail, where you’ll have to verify the account. Click on the link provided or input the Confirmation code.

Image No. 12
Confirmation message.

If you ever need to edit the Settings, just go back into the Accounts and Import menu and click onto the Edit Info.

If you have any questions, let me know at {admin @ or on Whatsapp.