Born in Bandung on November 1, 1987.  John Raymond graduated from Art and Design Faculty, Visual Communication Design Department, ITENAS Bandung.

After He finished school in 2012, He developed his own Design and illustration company with his wife and starts to draw and making some arts. Initially (2015) he discovered a surreal art style and was amazed by the imagination of surrealist artist Mark Ryden. But along the way, there was no significant development until he sees and reads the work of a young abstract artist named Satsuki Shibuya, who describes himself as a “Spiritual Thinker” in an abstract art.

This is when John realize that not only designing that is truly his passion, but also being an artist. His abstract works was able to respond well from his wife, friends to social media users. Now, Gudang Gambar is his new home where it is proven for the past one year being part of this Art Ware House (2017), his works mostly sold out in short period.

Gudang Gambar believes that John Raymond would be perfect to be part of GUDANG GAMBAR & 37TONG list of artist that will be part of Affordable Art Fair HK 2018.