The body, spirit and soul are seen as one unit.

Christina Lau |
Certified Bio-Resonance Practioner

Born in HK, an ordinary Hong Kong girl, my family migrated to Sweden when I was 10 as my parents wanted to obtain a better life and future for me and my brother. Equipped with Cantonese and English as mother tongue, I had the chance to add Swedish and French to my palette so upon completion of school life I was ready to embark onto the school of life, ready to communicate and connect with all sorts of walks of life.

Having had the “luxury” to work for some of the Top fashion/W&J brands in the world for more than 20 years where my passion for art, entrepreneurship & team building thrived. Along the way, I had the chance to meet many dedicated and talented professionals.

Now, I am about to turn a new page, not saying that I’m turning my back to my past life, I treasure each and every moment when I had the opportunity to learn, try, build, fail and improve while working alongside my peers, some whom I can count myself lucky to call as friends today.

Equipped with the skills I have acquired in the past, I am about to dive into my new found passion – Bio-resonance, the theory that all matters are based on vibrations, I believe that this complimentary alternative to traditional medicine will become more and more important in the field of healthcare going forward and my wish is to contribute to the community and humankind in whatever little manner I may do so by continuing to learn, try, build, fail and improve…

Going forward, apart from helping each client to harmonize to achieve a healthier balance within the body, I will also actively host regular workshops/talks to share insight and knowledge about Bio-resonance in order to raise awareness and understanding for all related remedies and benefits.

If you wish to gain more information about Bio-resonance, I would be happy to provide and share with you.

Modern physics and relativity theory confirm that everything in the world is connected at a vibrational level. Matters are composed of vibrations, nature and music use these vibrations to pro­vide harmonious patterns. Likewise, Bio-resonance therapy is based on vibration/frequency/oscillation to test and harmonize in a natural manner.

If Health is regarded as the priority where you would invest in, then I am committed to assist by providing a comprehensive healing alternative with Bio-resonance therapy in order to pursue the path to an improved quality life for the long run.

My personal goal & objectives are:

– to help each client to achieve a better work-life balance through Bio-resonance therapy for ailment as well as prevention purpose.

– to customize effective and efficient programs to help each client to stay balanced and healthy without any drugs nor medications involved.

– to allow each client the chance to monitor and keep better track of their personal health and recommend appropriate and necessary actions if/when needed.

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