Budi Siswanto was born in Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta on October 1, 1973. He loves Travelling.  Starting when he was very young, he would go hiking and exploring through the forest or along the river to spend his free time. His adventures throughout other parts of Indonesia and some Asian countries have provided him with invaluable exposures and lessons. As a result, he is more open to take input and request from his enthusiasts, while still being true to his style. It’s quite a unique trait for an artist.

He graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta (Solo), Central Java in 1998. The following year, he decided to move and work in Bali, a place he calls home today.

The life of birds, nests, trees and sky have taught many lesson in life to the artist. This occurred when he watched the bird living its circle of life: finding partners and mating, building the nests, laying and hatching the eggs, raising their offspring and teaching them to fly high in the vast colorful sky, providing them with the boundless space to spread their wings and soar to the sky.

Budi found this experience relates to the life that he shares with his wife and his 8 year old daughter. And, life is like two sides of a coin for Budi. On one side, he is a free wanderer, like birds flying in the sky. On the other side, he would sit alone, in the dark of the night during his mountain hike, an excursion that would inspire him with such endless ideas, which often just flow hard like a stream. Dark sky, bright sky, blue sky provides backdrops to trees that are painted red, blue, yellow and green.