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Bio-Resonance Therapy by Rayonex
With Christina Lau

What is Bio-Resonance Therapy?

We are all healers ourselves. Our body has been meticulously evolving for thousands of years equipped with self-healing power. Based on quantum physics, the Bio-Resonance Therapy is fundamentally adopting this unique self-regulatory system of our body to heal and restore to equilibrium in a NON-INVASIVE manner.
What could Bio-Resonance Therapy do?

Since Bio-Resonance Therapy helps to restore our body, not only does it fight various diseases, it also has preventative quality and benefit.

How does Bio-Resonance Therapy with Rayonex work?

The ability to read the energy of our body via a State-of-the-Art possessing reader made in Germany is specific to Bio-Resonance Therapy. As a result, a faster harmonization of our body could be achieved merely using the self-healing nature of our body without any side effect as no drugs are involved.

At the initial assessment session with the Rayonex device, we conduct a Rayoscan, which is like ECG where the HRV are translated into fundamental frequency values so that we may read the health map of the client of the day when the test takes place. Based on the findings, we can focus on those areas that require immediate attention/harmonization while we may also be alerted of possible ailments that should be addressed before fully manifested.


Are there any specific Bio-Resonance Programs that I should be aware of?

With the advances made within the Bio-Resonance technology, there are now:

1) Programs dedicated to restoring our body energy level such as Chakra;
2) Programs for unblocking the Meridians; &
3) Detoxification programs for specific organs (to purge unhealthy substances from your body) etc.

If you believe Health Is Your Best Investment and would like to understand more about the Bio-Resonance Therapy and how I may be of your assistance, please feel free to drop me an email.

PRAC. Christina Lau of LauStrana

Certified Bio-Resonance Practitioner

Between 1950-1955, the average life expectancy at birth in Hong Kong was 63.1 years. Today, the average newborn can expect to reach beyond 80 years of age.

Based on various studies, the main contributing factors for longevity are advances made in pharmaceuticals, technology and medical knowledge as well as improved lifestyles.

As a result, we tend to devolve the responsibility to doctors and pharmaceutical companies to oversee and take charge of our bodies.

When we are down with a simple flu or just feeling a little sluggish, many of us resort to see a doctor, who is likely to prescribe a bag of magic pills, most commonly a course or two of antibiotics.

In terms of dietary, instead of consuming fresh and whole foods, we often opt for the fast and easy way out by taking supplements, convincing ourselves that we have taken the necessary measures to eat and live better but instead we are depriving the body of vital nutrients, water and fiber our body needs to stay healthy.

No doubt, doctors and medical technology play an important role in our health care, but do they hold the ultimate key to health?

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