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What is “good health”?

Is it defined by the absence of symptoms rather than the presence of vitality?

Is good health merely the sum of physical factors e.g. low cholesterol level, toned muscles and low body fat? Or is it a person full of positive energy ready to face daily challenges with a smile and make necessary amendments when required?

We can quantify the level of cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat etc.. However could we grade the level of vitality, positive energy and mental clarity?

Trained doctors in the traditional medicine field who are focused on curing visible symptoms face difficulties in diagnosing and treating patients with an absence of vitality/energy.

As a society, we embrace dramatic interventions after diseases have manifested. But why are we so reluctant to undertake preventive measures to eliminate and/or reduce risks before the problem arise?

Our body is a very sophisticated machine and when it malfunctions, it sends out signals to alert us. However if we choose to ignore these small signs or in many cases we lack the knowledge of those small signs, overtime when these symptoms are left untreated, they are likely to become more critical in later stage.

I discovered Bio-Resonance around 10 years ago when I had a skin allergy that lasted for more than 2 years. At the end, I decided to give Bio-Resonance therapy a try. After 8-10 sessions, the skin problem disappeared and hasn’t reoccurred ever since.

We could all stay healthy and live longer to enjoy what life could offer even at silver age. By looking after ourselves will benefit many as resources could be reallocated to those who are badly needed, helps reducing pressure in social welfare system and ultimately lower the healthcare cost for everyone.

Would you like to invest in your health with Bio-Resonance therapy today?

PRAC. Christina Lau of LauStrana

Certified Bio-Resonance Practitioner

According to the latest figures of The World: Life Expectancy List Hong Kong ranks 8th:

#1 Monaco – 89.37 years
# Japan – 85.52 years
#3 Singapore – 85.47 years
#4 Macau – 84.57 years

Between 1950-1955, the average life expectancy at birth in Hong Kong was 63.1 years. Today, the average newborn can expect to reach beyond 80 years of age.

Based on various studies, the main contributing factors for longevity are advances made in pharmaceuticals, technology and medical knowledge as well as improved lifestyles. As a result, we tend to devolve the responsibility to doctors and pharmaceutical companies to oversee and take charge of our bodies.

When we are down with a simple flu or just feeling a little sluggish, many of us resort to see a doctor, who is likely to prescribe a bag of magic pills, most commonly a course or two of antibiotics.

In terms of dietary, instead of consuming fresh and whole foods, we often opt for the fast and easy way out by taking supplements, convincing ourselves that we have taken the necessary measures to eat and live better but instead we are depriving the body of vital nutrients, water and fiber our body needs to stay healthy.

No doubt, doctors and medical technology play an important role in our health care, but do they hold the ultimate key to health

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