The body, spirit and soul are seen as one unit.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Acupuncture with Bio-Resonance therapy TCM describes, a system of channels covering the complete body like the mesh of netting, the meridians, equivalent to the meridian of the earth.

The vital energy Qi, that regulates the body functions, flows through the systems of meridian channels.

According to the TCM way of thinking, diseases occur when there is a sustained disturbance of the body’s energy flow, when blockages lead to a surplus of energy in some places (tonify to restore) and a lack of energy at other places (sedate to restore).

TCM – Acupuncture and Bio-resonance therapy are fundamentally the same healing method but the only difference is that Bio-resonance therapy uses frequencies/oscillations, no needles.

Thanks to Dr. Gerhard Pioch ,who made the transition of classic concepts of Acupuncture to fundamental frequency values with detail-driven accuracy, we are able to either tonify or sedate, stimulating the acupuncture points to remove blockages and restore the balance and reset the energy flow in motion.

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PRAC. Christina Lau of LauStrana

Certified Bio-Resonance Practitioner

Acupuncture Oscillation Therapy:

What does Bio-resonance have in common with Acupuncture within Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Both are using energy-based therapeutic methods to restore and heal the body of ailments.

The Theory of the Five Elements:

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water
Wood: Liver, Gall bladder (muscles, tendons, eyes)
Fire: Small intestine (blood vessels, tongue)
Earth: Spleen, Stomach (connective tissue, mouth)
Metal: Lung, Colon (skin, nose) Water: Kidney, Bladder (bones, ear)

According to TCM, any disturbance of the energy flow, caused either by abundance of a void in the organice systems and channels, is the origin of many diseases.

The Principle of Yin & Yang

“One as well as the other”, one thing necessitates the other, there’s no cold without heat, no good without bad, no dry without wet , no day without night, no rain without sunshine etc.

Humans are embedded in the tension that exists between the earth and the sky, the force of nature.

The body, spirit and soul are seen as one unit.

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